Fennel Essential Oil

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UsesFennel essential oil can be used for wound care: assists in protecting wounds from becoming infected and speed up healing Spasms: reduces intestinal spasms by increasing the movement of cells in the small intestine Colic: aids in the decrease of colic in infants Antimicrobial: Fights free radical damage and provides antimicrobial activity against some strains of bacteria and pathogenic fungi Digestive: clear the bowels, relieve constipation, and ease gas and bloating, and prevent the formation of additional gases IBS: fennel oil evaporates quickly to provide quick relief of gas bloating and constipation. It can also assist in eliminating diarrhea Cancer: a main component known as anethole assist in preventing the activation of a “gene-altering inflammation-triggering molecule associated with cancer known as NF-kappaB” Weight-loss: Can boost your metabolism while suppressing your appetite as well as minimize fat deposits in the bloodstream 
Cultivation/Extraction MethodSteam Distillation
Historic BenefitsAncient Egyptians used fennel seed to prevent the plague. Fennel seed has also been called the “meeting’ seed” by the Puritans who would chew the herb during long church services. Its essential oil supports good digestive health, has antimicrobial properties and aids in weight loss.
Blends WithAnise Seed, Cypress, Geranium, Ginger Root, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Lemon grass, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Orange, Patchouli, Peppermint, Petitgrain, Pine, Rose, Sandalwood, Spruce, Tarragon, Vetiver.

Country of OriginTurkey
Botanical NameFoeniculum vulgare miller
Plant PartSeed
NoteLicorice-like flavor and aroma

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